Make Love, Not War


My Thoughts Reading This Now – in 2016:

Hahahahahahahaaaaa how the fuck did I manage to incorporate British colonialism, right wing fascism and One Direction into a blog post about a red ale. I’m actually quite impressed by my former self. I’m slightly concerned about my comparison between the ‘lager-swilling straight and flamboyantly gay’ though – I get what I meant but its a bit borderline. Also, I’m disgusted at myself for using a ‘Keep Calm and…’ reference – what a fucking idiot.

Back in 2013:

The London riots knocked a few people for six. I was living in Perth, Western Australia at the time and overheard lots of bold, parroted statements such as “Can you believe it? It used to be the most civilised country in the world…”

Bold statement indeed. We Brits spent hundreds of years barrelling around the world causing chaos: subjugating far off countries to build our Empire, retiring back to a capital city teeming with prostitutes, opium dens, gin palaces and bear baiting rings; and unleashed One Direction upon the world. But, whack a bowler hat on our head and hand us a briefcase and what do you have? An instant civilised stereotype.

London today is a bubbling cauldron, mixing together right wing fascists and Muslims; devout Catholics and outspoken atheists; the lager swilling straight and the flamboyantly gay; the tattooed biker and the prim librarian. Simmering racial, political and social tensions aside – no-one was expecting a full scale riot in August 2011. Least of all the folk over at London Fields Brewery.

Locked away in their Hackney brewing lair, the guys at London Fields were working on their hoppy red ale. Meanwhile, angry protesters, errant looters and the faction who had no idea what was going on but wanted in; raged on the streets beyond their doors. London Fields Brewery proclaimed that their new red ale – ‘Love Not War’ – was an ‘ode to all things peace and love.’

There certainly is a lot of unity going on in the glass. Those crystal and roasted barley malts are like chalk and cheese, and yet there they are – happily co-existing in one perfectly composed pint.

The hop combination works to give the beer enough bitterness that it satisfies hardened IBU-nuts, but couples it with a ‘summer fruit’ sideline that balances the ale.

Summit weighs in as the Alpha Hopper, Cascade counters with grapefruit freshness, Dr Rudi throws in its pine needle characteristics, and the whole thing is dry hopped with Amarillo for that citrus tang.

Its satin smooth, sweet and fresh, but packs a hoppified high note that leaves you with a peppery, roasted aftertaste. Coming in at 4.2%, its not too much of a heavyweight; and to top it all off, it looks fantastic in the glass – a rich, amber red reflecting just how juicy and hard hitting its going to be on your tongue.

Give it a whirl for some ‘Keep Calm and Brew’ London spirit.


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