New Little Creatures Single Batch…come on down!!

My Thoughts Reading This Now, in 2016:

My grammar was terrible, and I am still obsessed by Game of Thrones. In fact, I still compare lots of things in everyday life to Game of Thrones – such as burnt bacon, drinking lots of wine, cold weather and short people. This makes me think that my life has not moved on at all in the past three years and I should seriously look at developing some new hobbies. Also, the title of this post was shit.

Back in 2013:

There is little I look forward to more than the Little Creatures seasonal single batch email landing in my inbox. Hold the phone, stop the press, clear the afternoon…I’m about to go and get royally pissed.

This morning I checked my emails with the usual jaded lack of enthusiasm, until a jaunty subject line from Creatures caught my eye. The new single batch has landed! I am still waiting for the batch that compares to my all time favourite – last winter’s Day of the Long Shadow – a spiced winter ale that was like the love child of a cup of mulled wine and a molasses edged red ale that met one brittle winters night… A stonker at 8.9% and best served at a balmy 8-12 degrees, it won my cold, ale-pining heart with its nutmeg undertone and name evocative of an episode of Game of Thrones.

So, now for this winter’s single batch. It is…wait for it….”a silky, chocolate-y rye porter”…it sounds as though we are on the right track. Called Mr Obadiah, its a nutty, warming and spicy beer, billed as “a nod to the brewers that came before us.” Get me to a wood burning stove right now.

The Fremantle and Melbourne breweries will be holding brewers shouts; as well as a couple of other craft beer havens around the country; so get yourself down to Freo, Northbridge, Fitzroy, The Rocks or the West End and grab yourself a glass.

Little Creatures Brewhouse, Thursday 20 June 2013 from 4pm
The Bird, Sunday 23 June 2013 from 2pm

Little Creatures Dining Hall, Thursday 20 June 2013 from 4:30pm

The Australian Heritage Hotel, Monday 24 June 2013 from 6pm

Archive Beer Boutique, Monday 24 June from 5pm


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