Back in 2013 I started a beer blog

What the fuck happened to blogging? Do you remember when we all used to pen long winded diatribes about whatever the hell we were interested in and post it online?

I  started about six different blogs and wrote about things like saltwater crocodiles and psychopath tests and Shark Week on National Geographic, and I don’t think anyone ever read a word of it.

I also started this blog, about Australian craft beer, snazzily titled Thirst Fleet (like the First Fleet…get it?!) and wrote three blog posts which are complete and utter shit and then forgot this little nook of the Internet ever existed.

I’ve just rediscovered it, and besides being horrified at my grasp of the English language, I figured I’d engage in a personal blogging renaissance as I still love beer and I still love the sound of my own voice.

I don’t live in Australia anymore, switching to the more temperate climate of London, and I’ve really diversified these days and drink beer from all over the place (Tyskie, anyone?) so the name of the blog doesn’t even make sense anymore – but fuck it.

I’m god damn writing it anyway.


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